Most of my past work focused on the stopover biology of migratory landbirds in the New York metropolitan area. This research integrated ecology, behavior, and physiology to better understand whether forest fragments in urban landscapes can provide adequate stopover habitat for migrant songbirds. M​y current interests are varied, but generally involve the use of physiological measures of animal condition to assess impacts to habitat quality from land development and other human alterations of the environment. I am presently involved with several projects, including the effects of mercury pollution on the physiology and energetics of migrating songbirds, ski resort impacts on high-elevation breeding birds, impacts of exurban housing development on forest breeding birds, the effects of overpopulated deer on migratory landbird stopover habitat quality, and the quality of restored landfills as stopover habitat for shrubland and grassland birds. I am also working on projects on sturgeon habitat selection and oyster restoration within the Hudson River. I am always open to new collaborations, so feel free to contact me at cseewagen AT greathollow DOT org.
Research Interests
 Urban Stopover Biology 
- Age, sex, and seasonal variation in the refueling rates of migrating songbirds as determined by blood plasma metabolites. 

- ​​Stopover refueling performance of migratory landbirds in New York City parks.

- Food abundance for insectiverous migratory landbirds in New York City parks.

- Passerine migrant spatial behavior in a New York City park: movement patterns, stopover durations, and the influence of arrival condition.

-Contribution of lean tissues to total body mass gains of migratory songbirds during stopover refueling.

-Mobilization of mercury from lean tissues during migratory fasting in songbirds  (with D. Cristol and A. Gerson)

-Effects of mercury on blood oxygen carrying capacity and peak metabolic rates in songbirds, and the implications for long-distance migration ​​ (with D. Cristol and A. Gerson)

​​-Effects of mercury on Red-winged Blackbird nestling development in the New York metropolitan area (with A. Gillet)

-Effects of mercury on the stopover refueling ability of a long-distance migratory songbird.​​

-Effects of Japanese barberry on songbird breeding habitat quality and invertebrate community composition

-Effects of artificial lighting on bat activity​​

​​-Impacts of exurban housing development on the physiological condition of forest-breeding songbirds in the Adirondacks (with M. Glennon, H. Kretser, and S.B. Smith)

-Effects of deer browsing on the stopover refueling rates of migrating landbirds in suburban New York (pending)

-Assessing the quality of a restored landfill in the New Jersey Meadowlands as stopover habitat for migrating shrubland and grassland songbirds (with M. Newhouse)​​

​​-Diversity and abundance of breeding birds on upper Whiteface Mountain, New York before and after ski trail development. (with M. Glennon, L. Karasin, and Q. Hays)

Ongoing and Recently Completed Projects